by SundayxLeague

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released August 1, 2010

Joe- Drums
Foxy- Guitar
Mark- Bass
Chris- Vocals

Lee screamed at the start of Did you get maced



all rights reserved


SundayxLeague Newcastle, UK

Four emotional guys just trying to live the GeordiexShore dream.

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Track Name: His Name is Jackie Chan, he'll destroy you
Two horses tear at my sides, and they hold their styles. I haven't had the reigns in a long time. But I've had the rain for a long, long time. But these flashing lights hold my smile (While my feet freeze- you know, cold holds?).
Now i'm taking sides for the 'prize' of my mind, it's a choice of lines.
Track Name: Mullet wearers are the hardest to please (sorry John)
Anyway, you can get out of this mess of signs, but you'll still never leave my side (at least in my mind). And you'll never kiss me again? That's ok, my tongue is tied anyway.
So I have another drink, and I memorise the links; The ones that keep you in my mind. And I keep you in my lines. And I never find the time to say 'I'll never fall in love again'.
So if you pick up where you left off- no regrets and a pile of clothes- I'll get bored alone, and you'll get more popular.
Track Name: Did you get maced too?
Stick your fingers into your ears- the birds won't stop singing, I won't stop leaving, you won't stop wishing, and the wind won't stop blowing. But i'm over enemies, the ghosts are getting too much.
I'm opening but closing up.
And, I can't hold my breath long enough to get as deep as you want.
But I tie messages to limbs to keep them in mind. And I keep clocks close to keep track of time. And I keep buildings around to break down the breeze. But, an ending by any other name... It's still an ending.
Track Name: Just because you're on strings, doesn't mean you're flying
You end with nothing but an empty cup. But you just start over and fill it back up. And I said 'You'll never see the sky with that paint over your eyes', and, 'You'll never see me fall, because you're nothing'.
It's nothing, and you're nothing.