The Hall & Oates Sessions

by SundayxLeague

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SxL is Steve, Foxy, Chris and Nate. Mark was the original bassist, and he laid down the groove on these recordings.

Physical copies can be found here


released June 12, 2011

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris McManus at Blank Studios in Newcastle upon Tyne.



all rights reserved


SundayxLeague Newcastle, UK

Four emotional guys just trying to live the GeordiexShore dream.

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Track Name: Wild wolves vs polar bear vs yeti
A million lines of written words wouldn't help you- you wouldn't understand them. And you wouldn't get the meaning. So anyway, as I say, I know it's lame to write a song about the people that you hate. But I know it's real hate, so on this page i'll say- 'I'm sorry- I know this is unlike me, but i'm done with this shit'. And 'If it's cool with you, i'll never cross your path, and i'll never be your friend...'
Track Name: I'd rather catch a cold than stand inside alone
So I track you like a tiger, through the fields next to your house. And I watch you through the grass, getting up late and forgetting what has passed. Failing for four days, I find my fingers fold. I'm treating your name like everything else that I have forgot. You promised that you'd never be my friend, so I know that when things start that they must end. I never wanted much, I know it's fucked, and that I am to blame. And with these last words I will return every nice thing you said.
Find fingers fold. This stories old, but it still goes on. No hope, and no harm.
Is your throat sore? Are the stickers stuck? Are your stripes gone? Are you out of luck?
Track Name: A broken clock is right at least twice a day
You- what are you asking? We have two more hours to chase these chances. So why are you here? To love, or to lose? Two days down, and i've lost you. Completely, with no retrieving. So we pin words up on the ceiling, and they animate in heat. And when did you cut your hair? I think it looks good either way. Ba-ba-ba. Two days down, and i've lost you completely.
Track Name: Turtlesque
This is the final draft! And I know it never touched you like I did. So, I wrote a hit play, and I still fucked up. Sounds about right. Cos it got dull, and you got bored, and I got tired. But now we're growing, although i'm still in love with this city. And the sun shines, and the breeze blows, and life's not all bad. Cos i've got my friends, and i've got my legs, and you can't take them.
So I wrote a hit play, and I still fucked up, cos you got bored with all the after-school clubs.